All you need to know about Colours in your PowerPoint presentation

By June 5, 2014PowerPoint

Colour is a very good way of drawing attention to the text in a slide. However, people have a tendency to use too many colours in PowerPoint slides.

This is uncomfortable for the viewer and it obscures the message. Therefore, it is important to restrict the number of colours for maximum impact, as well as to give the presentation a clear look.

Here are some tips to help you make the most of colour in your slides:
• Obvious, but worth mentioning, is contrast. If the background is dark use light coloured text, and vice-versa.
• Limit the use of phosphorescent colours, as they tend to tire the eyes.
• If in doubt as to what combination of colours works, look at websites, book covers and film introductions for inspiration. They are done by professionals and you can tell immediately if they work.
• In Google images it is possible to look for photographs by colours, in other words, photographs that match the colours of your slide.
• Adobe has a product called Kuler that allows you to play with colour themes to create new designs. It also works with photographs.
• Choose your colours depending on the audience. Do you want to give the slides a youthful look or a slick professional appearance? Again, for inspiration, look at websites aimed at a similar audience to the one you are giving the presentation for.

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