Body Language and PowerPoint Presentations

By June 5, 2014PowerPoint

What you should do during a presentation.

Use eye contact. Look directly at them, they will feel that they are influencing what you are saying.
Face the audience most of the time. You might want to turn to point at a specific thing on the presentation, but it is very important that 95% of the time you are squarely facing the audience.
Keep back straight and open chest and arms. You will feel and look more confident.
Smile. You will make the audience relax, feel more comfortable and like you more. You will also feel happier.

Slow considered movements make you look more powerful.
Walking in the space you have brings dynamism to your words and makes people listen to you more actively. It also helps release any stress you may feel.
When you want to bring attention to a point in the presentation, just point at it with your finger.
If questioned by a member of the audience. You can look at them in the eye, smile and copy (mirror) their gestures.

What you shouldn’t do during a presentation.

Stand still
Sway or move without moving your feet
Lean or hold on to a podium (if there is one)
Chew gum
Cross your arms in front of your chest

Bite fingernails
Repeat a single gesture over and over
Play with your clothing
Look down at your shoes

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