Giving Power Point Presentations

By June 4, 2014PowerPoint

Any form of public speaking can cause nerves in the speaker and giving presentations is no different. In fact, a bit of nerves can be good as they heighten your awareness and allow you go give an improved performance. However, it is a good idea to be able to control and reduce your nerves to make them more manageable. Here are some tips to help you overcome nerves when giving presentations.

Concentrate on the details of the job at hand. This will make you stop thinking about yourself.
Smile. It makes you and the audience feel better. You will get positive feedback that reinforces your good feelings.
Breathe deeply. This is a time honoured technique for slowing your pulse rate.
Make eye contact. This relaxes both you and the audience.
Drink water. Nerves can dry the mouth.
Move around during the presentation. This way you can expand some of the nervous energy. Plan some of the moves beforehand.
Speak slowly. This calms you down and makes your speech easier to understand. You also sound more in control.

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