Communication strategy & PR Tools

In times when your brand name is not “spelled” correctly by everybody...



For that special moment when ...



For that moment when the Sales Manager panics ...


Over the past few years, I have collaborated with Wisebrand on the production and creating of various advertising materials for our team, for the general public and medical professionals, so my knowledge of Wisebrand company is rather extensive. Their work is inventive, demonstrating an incredible initiative and strong dedication and also able to present creative ideas. I believe that Wisebrand exhibits many of the qualities that are essential to any business partner, regardless of the field.

Viorel Vacaru, MD | Medical and Regulatory Affairs Manager | Laboratoire Innotech International, Representative office for Romania

One year ago, when we started the Organic India business, we searched for an agency to meet our expectancy for brand positioning and launch in Romania. Wise Brand was the best solution. Excellent quality, outstanding materials, professional attitude, and the compliments can continues. If you want to rise your brand in a wise manner, choose the wise men from the Wise Brand.

Silvia Sraer | Owner Tulsi Herbs

The creativity and the involvement they bring at each of our joint projects, make me consider the WiseBrand not just a partner, but a member of my team. Every time I am looking forward to see what is the new idea that they will come up with!

Iris Matei | Country Head, A&D Pharma Marketing & Sales

Presentation Design & Makeover

Exclusive services offered by WiseBrand.
We are here to make sure that our customers are equipped with the most powerful presentations possible, to make the right impact.

Visual Identity & Copywriting

Every business needs an excellent image and high quality content in order to stand out from the crowd. From logos to business cards, flyers to catalogues or online materials, we will find the best way for your business to communicate efficiently.

Social Media Marketing

More than 50% of your potential clients could actually come from Facebook, Twitter or other social media. Let us increase your business to a whole new level.

Business Development Outsourcing

For that special moment when the Business Development Manager is filling in reporting requirements while you have a “Blue Ocean” idea.

Customer Acquisition Strategy

For that moment when the Sales Manager panics about leads and pipelines, and asks you to buy a database (we’ve been there) we know how you can build your own.
Foot traffic declining, while the competition’s increases.
We advice companies from different market segments to form a coalition and increase foot traffic.

Communication Strategy & PR Tools

In times when your brand name is not “spelled” correctly by everybody. We are there.
We work on strategic communication campaigns as well as crisis management.

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Excelent Creativity

The entire team strives to create work that people care about so that you can make a difference.

Taylored Solutions

Our mission is not to find the best general solution, but to find the best solution for you.

Accessible Prices

Our pricing is a clear and transparent system, based on  calculation of the workload invested in your project.

Dedicated Team

Our team that has wide range of experience can find the perfect solutions to meet your needs.

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