PowerPoint Mistakes Part II

By June 5, 2014PowerPoint

If we learn by our (and other people’s) mistakes then we should be quite wise by now. Luckily there are many mistakes that other people have made that we can study.

Lack of Time: Most presentations are not as good as they should be because quite simply they haven’t had enough time put into them. Put the time in. And if you are too busy, pay us and we’ll do it for you. We promise, the audience will be able to tell the difference.

Too Much Information: The human mind can only take in so much new facts and figures. Keep it simple and to the point. You probably don’t want to put more than one piece of information per slide. Remember this isn’t a document, it’s a presentation and you can add information when giving the presentation.

Lack of Visuals: “A picture’s worth a thousand words”. I’m sure you’ve heard that expression many times before. And although it isn’t always literally true, images do help underline what you are saying. A good image cuts through straight to the subconscious, making it easy to absorb information.

Using Stock Photos: How often do you see a presentation and recognize at least half the images? Using photos that everybody knows devalues your message. Take the time to find more. Wisebrand has access to many new and original images that will greatly add to your presentation.

Bad Design: It sounds obvious, good design is better than bad design. But there are endless presentations being given in which the design hasn’t been given enough effort. A presentation is a visual aid and design is as important as content. If you don’t have a talent for design (or don’t have the time), contact us!

Visual Overload: Just like giving too much written information is bad, too much visual information means that the audience can’t take it all in. Allow for white spaces, they let the audience focus on the important visuals. Also be consistent as to use of colours. Too much variety can be a bad thing.


Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes.

Oscar Wilde

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