PowerPoint Mistakes

By June 4, 2014PowerPoint

We all make mistakes making PowerPoint slides, otherwise they would all be perfect! So, what are the most common mistakes that we should avoid?

Not numbering the slides: If the slides are clearly defined, ie., not film, they should be numbered so that the audience know where you are and how to refer to them afterwards.

Getting the colours and contrasts wrong: This is a very easy mistake to make as the colours can look very different on your computer screen compared to them being projected on a screen.

Wrong fonts: Choosing the wrong font can give an unintended impression making the presentation hard to read or look old fashioned. It is also a mistake to use too many fonts, try to use two or three at the most. Also, make sure the font is big enough.

Letting your ego take over: Many people like to show off their skills when doing a PowerPoint presentation. They put too many extras on to the presentation; they do this to try to impress the audience, when in fact what they should be doing is getting a message across, as simply and effectively as possible.

Lack of continuity of slides: It is important that there is a theme to the slides, so that the audience doesn’t have to adjust to different styles with each slide.

Lack of focus: Write down what you are trying to achieve with the presentation and keep referring to it as you write it. It is very easy to start off with an idea and then to stray off topic. Remember, a presentation should have a beginning, middle and an end!

Length: It is all too easy to make presentations too long. Struggle to keep it short and to the point, believe me your audience (and boss) will thank you for it.

If your words or images are not on point, making them dance in color won’t make them relevant.

Edward Tufte, Yale Emeritus Professor

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