Sales Presentation Tips

By June 5, 2014PowerPoint

Tailor your presentation so that it answers your viewers’ questions and needs. The more you know about your audience and their concerns the better you’ll be at meeting their needs.
Your audience will only be able to remember 2 or 3 points from your presentation make sure that they remember what you want them to remember.

Structure your presentation:

  • State your points.
  • Support them with facts.
  • Summarise the main points.

If the slides have a lot of information, it might be a good idea to use the build feature; this reveals one point at a time. This stops people from reading ahead of your presentation and means that they pay more attention to you.
Edit the presentation. Take out unnecessary words and images. Too much information confuses the issue.
Think of what you want to achieve with the presentation, do you achieve that aim? If not, edit again.
Think of the money your company spends on marketing and of projecting a good sophisticated image. Your presentation might be the last thing the client sees before making the purchasing decision. The question is does your presentation live up to the company’s image? If not maybe you should talk to Wise Brand.

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