Presentation design. We start with a brief in order to define all the aspects of the presentation (audience, project terms, product/brand details etc …) and we begin the „wise process” that includes 3 simple steps:

1. Script & storyboard development: this first step will define the best way to get your messages trough to your customers. Our business consultants will work closely with the copyrighters and editors, using modern advertising and movie script techniques in order to build a script that will become the backbone of the presentation.
This step includes content development, marketing messages placement and definition of timing.

2. Visual & graphic identity development: our copyrighters work closely with the graphic designers to select the best images to use, the motion design techniques with the right animations at the right time and place. This step represents the link between the story and the images with the right mix of visual, motion and impactful graphics.
After the last editing touches, the presentation will be ready at the end of this step.

3. Coaching: our team of trainers will make sure that the presenter is ready to deliver the masterpiece to the audience whoever they are: clients, managers, investors, customers etc…