What is a good presentation?

By June 4, 2014PowerPoint

A good presentation is one that is able to effectively put an idea to a group of people in a persuasive and memorable manner. It has structure, possibly a storyline and a clear message. You should be able to summarise the idea you want to get across in 15 words.
When putting together a presentation you have to concentrate on three different parts, composition, visuals and delivery.
Composition or structure: The presentation should have an introduction in which you state what you are going to say, then, the main body of the presentation where you lay out and explain your main points and lastly, a summary underlying the two or three main points.

Visuals: Slides weather photos or diagrams should be clear and illustrating the point. Each slide should last about 20 seconds.
Delivery: It is not just what you say; it’s how you say it. Speaking confidently and slowly makes you more believable. Also, project your voice, making sure that everybody can hear you clearly. Your body language should be as natural as possible, don’t rehearse gestures as your body will send out involuntary body cues that may contradict them.

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